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        Multi-function power distribution box
        Multi-function power distribution box
        Multi-function power distribution box


        Multi-function power distribution box is suitable for use as distribution box in three-phase four-wire or three-phase five-wire system with AC 400V and below. It is widely used in power plant, substation, etc.

        The box meets the standards GB7251.3-2006 ,etc.

        Technical parameters and features:

        u Rated operating voltage:

        u Rated insulation voltage:

        u Rated current rating:

        u Breaking capacity:

        u Complete N busbar and PE busbar fully meet the requirements of TN and TT grounding systems.

        u Clear signs and safety.

        Using environment:

        u Temperature: Min -25℃~Max+40℃; The average temperature(within 24 hours)≦+35℃;

        u Altitude: ≦2000m;

        u Installation site inclination: ≦ 5°;

        u Installation location: Dry place with no violent vibration, harmful gases, steam, electrical conductivity or explosive dust.

        If there is no design requirement, the bottom of the box should be 1.5m away from the ground and the wall of the wall-mounted box should be 1.3m ( when the height of the cabinet is more than 1.8m) or 1.5m ( when the height of the cabinet is less than 0.8m) away from the ground.

        Product details
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