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        Cable branch       box
        Cable branch box
        Cable branch box


        The low-voltage cable branch box is mainly used for branching, branching, connecting and switching circuits of the public network squadron cable line. It is widely used in three-phase low-voltage transmission and distribution systems in outdoor public places such as variable distribution stations and key construction and reconstruction projects, etc.

        The box meets the standards GB7251 ,etc.

        Technical parameters and features:

        u Rated operating voltage:

        u Rated insulation voltage:

        u Rated current rating:

        u SMC composite or metal material bring the advantages of high mechanical strength and preservative, etc.

        u Cabinet configuration: Circuit breakers, disconnectors, etc.

        u Installation method: Floor installation, wall mounting, etc.

        u IP grade: IP34D. Highest reachable IP44.

        Using environment:

        u Temperature: Min -25℃~Max+55℃;

        u Relative humidity: ≦90%(Relative temperature:20℃~25℃);

        u Altitude: ≦2000m;

        u Installation site inclination: ≦ 5°;

        u Operating voltage fluctuation:≦ Rated operating voltage ±10%;

        Installation location: The place with no severe impact, serious pollution and chemical corrosion, no conductive dust and explosion risk. Install inside the cabinet.

        Product details
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