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        Integrated DC charging pile
        Integrated DC charging pile
        Integrated DC charging pile


        SCDC10 Series Charging pile is mainly used for fast charging of electric vehicles. It is suitable for installation in electric vehicle power stations, public parking lots, etc.


        u High energy efficiency, high power density and small size.

        u 7 inch HD color touch screen is easy to operate and rich in information.

        u Modular design. Output voltage and output power can be configured according to different needs of users.

        u Multiple charging methods and protection. Many charging methods.

        u Operating status indication and emergency stop function.

        u AC billing and DC billing.

        u Support multiple communication interfaces.

        u Adaptive intelligent charging function.

        u Function expansion.

        Technical parameters:

        Basic Function

        Function Description

        Main Item

        Secondary Item

        AC input

        Rated input voltage

        AC 380V±20%

        Working frequency


        DC output

        Output voltage

        DC 200~750V/DC200~500V

        Output current

        60A/120A 140A/240A

        Output power



        Peak value ≥ 95%

        Power factor


        Human-Computer Interaction


        7 inch HD color touch screen


        Multiple charging methods. Display charging voltage, current and other parameters during charging. APP control function.

        Indicator light

        Red light: malfunction and warning. Green light: full charge and standby mode. Yellow light flashes: charging.


        Contactless card reader


        Emergency stop protection

        Stop output in an emergency

        Overcurrent protection

        Overcurrent trip protection

        Connection abnormality

        Automatically power off

        Illegal insertion

        Door protection

        Stop the output after opening the maintenance door

        Shell IP grade

        Product details
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