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      1. The quality of survival, technology and development
        Quality for survival, technology for development
        Smart meter lock
        Smart meter lock
        Smart meter lock


        The current marketing intelligent information system still lacks the requirements for data in management, technology, security, etc., and cannot monitor the whole process of metering locks. Through the software and hardware design of the control device, the whole process management of the meter lock asset, the positioning of the geosystem, and the low-power design technology of the lock chip, the problem of frequent key retrieval is solved, and the intelligent management of the energy metering box is realized. Smart meter lock can effectively enhance the anti-theft performance and improve the accuracy of the energy meter.


        u Keyless unlocking

        u Process control

        u accurate locating

        u Asset binding

        u Dynamic encryption

        u Unlocking track

        u Regional authority management


        Technical parameters:

        Material: PC anti-UV flame retardant material

        Built-in battery: >400mAH

        Battery current: Stand-by current <0.6uA

        Lock beam tension: >1000N

        Number of unlocks: >10000 times

        Service life: >6 years

        Working temperature: -25℃~+65℃

        Extreme working temperature:  -40℃~+80℃

        Waterproof IP: IP67

        Product details