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        GGD Type Low voltage fixed switchgear
        GGD Type Low voltage fixed switchgear
        GGD Type Low voltage fixed switchgear


        GGD Type Low voltage fixed switchgear is applicable to distribution system of AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 380V and used to power conversion, distribution and control for power, lighting and distribution equipment.

        The switchgear meets the standards IEC60439-1 and GB7251, etc.


        u The form of a universal cabinet, the frame which is assembled by partial welding of 8MF cold-formed steel and matching supply of fixed-point manufacturers guarantee the accuracy and quality of the cabinet.

        u Modular design of components shortens manufacturing cycle and increases work efficiency.

        u The unique design of the heat sink slot allows the sealed cabinet to form a natural air duct for heat dissipation.

        u The golden section design makes the overall appearance beautiful and generous.

        u The hinged hinge of the door and the special design of the rubber strip improve the IP grade.

        u Connection design between instrument door and cabinet mounting and frame forms complete ground protection circuit.

        u The top cover of the cabinet can be removed if needed. The lifting ring on the top is easy to lift and ship.

        Technical Parameters:




        Rated insulation voltage


        AC660   AC1000

        Rated working voltage


        AC380   AC660

        Horizontal busbar rated current


        1250  1600  2000  2500  3200  4000

        Horizontal busbar peak withstand current(0.1S)


        63  105  176  220

        Horizontal busbar short-time withstand current(1S)


        30  50  80  100

        Rated power frequency withstand voltage(1min)



        Secondary power frequency withstand voltage(1min)



        Shell IP grade


        IP30. IP40

        Shell size


        Width 600(800.1000) multiply by depth 600(800.1000) multiply by height 2200(1600.1800.2000.etc.)


        Using environment:

        u Temperature: Min -5℃~Max+40℃;The average temperature(within 24 hours)≦+35℃;

        u Altitude: ≦2000m;

        u Relative humidity: ≦50% at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees;Allow a large value at lower temperatures.

        u Installation site inclination: ≦ 5°;

        Installation location: The place with no severe impact and not enough to expose electrical components to corrosion. Indoor use

        Product details
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