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        LSKM6 Prepaid circuit breaker
        LSKM6 Prepaid circuit breaker
        LSKM6 Prepaid circuit breaker

        LSKM6 series electric energy meter external circuit breaker is an automatic reclosing miniature circuit breaker specially designed for communication and electric power with the function of automatic tripping and closing.The breaker is applicable to the line of  AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 400V, rated current to 125A, mainly used with cost control electric energy meter. It not only can solve the problem that the power supply cannot be automatically restored after the switch trips due to arrears, and realize the function of “remote control”, it can also protect the electrical equipment and the line according to the current short circuit and overload operation of the power supply line.

        The breaker meets the standards GB 10963.1-2005 and QGDW11421-2015, etc.


        Technical Parameters


        1P+N、2P  single-phase

        3P+N、4P  Three-phase four-wire system

        Rated voltage Ue

        AC 230V 1P+N、2P

        AC 400V 3P+N、4P)  

        Rack rated currentInm


        Rated currentIn


        Control signal

        AC 230V

        Electric operation assembly method

        Left or right

        Standby power consumption

        Control signal line leakage current1mA;

        Phase line leakage current0.2mA

        Automatic closing timetc


        Power-on delaytd

        7std8s  (SG and CSG);4std5s  (CQC);customizable

        Mechanical life

        10000 times

        Electrical life

        6000 times

        Overload short circuit protection

        C type5In-10In

        Rated limit short-circuit breaking capacityIcn

        S type6000A;H type10000A

        Rated insulation voltageUi


        Dielectric strength

        AC 2500V  1min

        Impulse withstand voltageUimp


        IP grade


        Operating temperature

        -40~ 70

        Pollution level


        Action process

        Refer to state control table 2


        The maximum temperature is no more than 50% at +40, and higher relative humidity at lower temperatures, such as 90% at +20.

        Special measures should be taken for condensation that occasionally occurs due to temperature changes.

        Conversion operation

        Pull the switch to the automatic position. After the arrears are automatically opened, the charging will be automatically closed. If the electrical line fails, it can be manually closed.

        Pull the switch to the manual position. After the arrears are automatically opened, the charging will not be automatically closed, and manual closing is required.

        Status Indicator

        The indicator light is on, indicating that the meter is not owed, and can be divided and closed normally;

        The indicator light is off, indicating that the meter cannot be closed or the line is dead.

        Feedback function

        Remotely query operational status

        Product details